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Search engine optimization is about driving traffic to a designated website. It's an accumulation of quality backlinks, keyword targeting efforts, and unique content that will separate your business from the rest. SEO is a primary online marketing method when building brand awareness, and should not be dismissed.

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SEO has several beneficial perks when executed properly, and act as a fast travel transportation for clients to find your website. Self-promotion can be costly and sometimes restricted to a limited timeframe of advertising. SEO provides constant business awareness and attract leads who already have an interest in your type of service.

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Here are five key ranking ingredients Google is looking for.

One common statement you will find in numerous SEO-related discussions is that Google has over 200 ranking factors. However, Google has declared several factors to help educate webmasters on their importance. Allow our Chippewa Falls SEO agency to educate you on what to consider.

Unique Content

Google aims to provide its users with the most relevant and highest quality content for whatever they search for. All visitors to your website would like to read, listen to, or watch fresh, practical content and so does Google. Google’s search algorithm continues evolving and you can expect the quality of your content to still be the top factor that determines where you rank. When creating content, choose a keyword to target wisely and ensure that you pay close attention to the search intent behind it.

Device Responsiveness

Google added mobile friendliness as an SEO ranking factor back in 2015. It is important to ensure that your website is responsive. Today, Internet users are using smartphones and tablets of different sizes and types and it is important to ensure a smooth experience across all devices. A non-responsive website might fail to show the full content to users or users will have a hard time clicking and reading. The result is high user dissatisfaction and a high bounce rate, which is something that Google dislikes. So, always ensure that your website is responsive and mobile friendly.

Quality Backlinks

Backlinks occur when other websites reference yours through a hyperlink and are still one of the most important SEO ranking factors considered by Google. Simply put, backlinks are popularity signals for the search signals, which is why you need to strive to get as many high-quality backlinks as possible.

Social sharing can be of great benefit to you when it comes to backlinking. Google has often stated how social media has no effect on how content ranks, but the truth is that the higher the number of people sharing your content, the more visibility it will get.

Page Load Speed

Google has stated that page load speed is one of the ranking factors it considers, which is why faster pages rank better. Search engines have a crawl timeline within which to completely crawl a website. If the site loads slower, search engines are unable to crawl the entire site within the allocated timeframe, which may affect indexation negatively.

It is not just about Google and search engines. Even human users don’t like sticking to slow loading websites. Pages that take longer to load also tend to have higher bounce rates. So, it is important to map the page load speeds of different pages in your website and optimize them accordingly to improve their load speed.

Web Security

Back in 2014 Google announced that HTTPS would become an important ranking signal. Today, Google has implemented this and many browsers will warn users with a ‘not secure’ or ‘unsafe’ warning whenever they attempt to open unsecured websites/web pages. If anything has the potential to scare away people from your website, it definitely has to be a bold warning informing them that they are ‘unsafe’ and that their browsing data is not secure. This is why switching to HTTPS should be a no-brainer for any webmaster. HTTPS prevents the sending of people’s usernames and passwords among other things over unencrypted connections. Making the switch is not only important for improving your search rankings but also for showing that your website is trustworthy.

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Google’s algorithm continues to create a complex system for the people using traditional SEO practices to bring more customers to their websites. The 5 key ranking ingredients Google uses that we discussed here will put your website ahead of the crowd. Implementing some of the strategies/tips discussed here is not always easy to do on your own, which is why you need to consider a Chippewa Falls SEO professional to guaranteed your rank on Google.

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