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The first step towards success is showing up, and customers are always looking for quality solutions for their needs. If you are invisible to them what good is your service? Stay relevant to your audience.

Growth Analaysis

Still receiving the same results as last years? Increase your online activities with targeted keyword marketing campaigns. More traffic equals more opportunities resulting in more sales.


Searching customers are more willing to put their trust in a well-branded business. High ranking websites have stronger influences and higher closing rates.


The internet is the first source for consumer research. Become the leading source by occupying high traffic keyword rankings. Separate yourself from the competition.

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“The People Who Are Crazy Enough To Think They Can Change The World Are The Ones Who Do.”

-Steve Jobs

Master Minds

We belong to a respected group of digital marketing experts where we collaborate and exchange valuable information about any changes in the search engine weather. We stay up to date with most advanced and effective SEO strategies in order to give you the best results.

Optimization For Your Success

SEO is a cost-efficient 24/7 modern marketing strategy. One of the primary benefits of teaming up with an SEO expert is that we'll take care of the necessary footwork to rank your website in your geographical market. Partnering with a professional is an easy and hands-free way of driving customers to your goods.


Wynn Media Group LLC

“KnP is phenomenal when it comes to SEO. I know that they were mentored by some of the best marketers on the planet and certainly recommended to work with.”

Amy T. - Surgical Coordinator

“In the dynamics that I’ve seen within SEO, KnP Net Media truly sets apart a higher standard for business growth. Having seen first hand the projects from fruition to completion, it is clear that their expertise in SEO is bar none.”

Tommy M. - Organo Gold Sales Consultant

“With all my years of marketing and sales experience, KnP BLEW MY MIND! They are remarkable! They have the knowledge, work ethics, and skills that will change your online business. Having them on your team is like winning the race before it even started.”

Yeng Y. - Success Coach

“As a business with a specific target market, KnP Net Media provides invaluable assistance by increasing business visibility. I highly recommend their services to anyone who wants to build a larger customer base.”


Digital Partners With Integrity

More Than Just SEO

Here at KnP Net Media, we care about your goodwill. We want everyone to feel comfortable like a partnership is supposed to when working with us. Unlike most agencies, once you've paid for their service you don't hear from them again until months later. Don't mind if we drop in to say hi, or even send you small gifts on the occasion. Without you, our customers, we wouldn't exist. Let us march this adventure together.

Worry Free Contract

If you are paying for results that an SEO agency cannot fulfill, why should you be forced to stay? You are under no obligation to continue paying for our service if we can’t deliver.

Done In House

We don’t use any black hat tactics, no automated link building programs or any cutting corner methods. Our work is handcrafted by real digital professionals.

Your Partners

We’re here at your disposal. Whether you have a question or just want good company, we’re always happy to hear from you. Your success is our priority.

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Our robust SEO experts will guarantee first-page results.

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Why should I request a quote from KnP Net Media?

We are not a faceless group. We will keep you informed every step of the way. From the first link we have built to the last. Not only will you be able to witness your business grow, but gain a significant amount of SEO knowledge about your website.

Who will be contacting me?

One of our agents will be contacting you from the Eau Claire area.

When should I expect a response?

After you have submitted your discovery form entry to us. We will evaluate it and reach out to you within the next 72 hours.

What will we be discussing?

Through our first initial consultation, we will discuss your marketing goals. Getting a good understanding of your business and the direction you want to head. After we've gained a complete understanding we will go over your on-page SEO, backlink profile, and any gaps where you are missing opportunities.

Where is your office located?

Our office is located off of North Clairemont Street in our hometown, Eau Claire, Wisconsin where our work is done.

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SEO That Works

We Don't Settle For Average

I'm sure you've received numerous phone calls in the past years. "Pay this yearly subscription and you will get placed at the top of Google." "Or pay this very affordable ranking subscription for this many keyword optimizations." We have heard them all. It is no secret that SEO has a bad reputation. Everyone claiming they have a secret recipe for ranking your website on the first page.

It's not a surprise that you may be thinking the same thing about us. While we may look like your last agency, we only use the most up to date SEO techniques, while others may still use old ineffective link building strategies that will only hinder your appearance on search engine listings. All of our link building are hand built and crafted to match your niche. We only look for the most credible sources and customize powerful link juice to rank your website. You will recieve monthly reports of your keyword rankings and traffic data. Rest assured we won't leave you in the dark.

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