Your SEO Duos

KnP Net Media was founded by two close friends who share a common interest. If you hadn't already guessed, it's SEO. Established through their failures, success, and sacrifices, these duos focus their time and energy on how to continuously reach the next level in their marketing careers. They are about being transparent with their customers and offering a helping hand with search engine education. Where others have failed they succeeded.

Meet Your SEO Agents

Kee is our SEO analytic research expert. He manages our behind the scene workshop and continuously scopes out newly developed marketing skills. He is the candidate responsible for discovering new links used for our link building campaigns. As occupied as he already is, Kee stays up to date with the search engine (Google) weather in order to steer us in the right path. When he is away from his computer he spends time with his wife and newly born daughter. Together they go on spontaneous adventures and participate in outdoor activities.

Kee Yang

Peter Moua

Peter is our content coordinator. He is in charge of keeping our website responsive and updating our content with accurate data. He manages our outreach department making sure we are well connected with our customers, and organizes our office's files so we are well equipped. His involvement with the team maintains customer experience and provides educational SEO lessons. When stepping away from the office he enjoys reading, gathering with friends and family, and getting involved with outdoor activities.